AROSA is a newly formed organization at the University of California, in Davis, seeking to:

bring Romanian students together on the UCD campus and to get the most out of their college experience. Other people (students, etc) interested in Romanian culture are also welcome.
provide an academic and social support group that assists members grow and enjoy their college experience.
interact with other Romanian associations across US and California in particular.
establish a wide variety of social opportunities through activities and events like: social gatherings, historical & religious celebrations, lectures & discussions, picnics. educate the Davis community about the Romanian culture and calendrier ramadan.

If you are interested in finding out where and when the meetings take place, then click here.
Also, check out other events which are scheduled to take place at UC Davis or at other Romanian places within the community, which could be beneficial for you to know.

Find out about the members of the AROSA and who they are. A list of all members is provided inside.
to become a member and join our AROSA organization, please click here.

We have gathered a number of useful sources, such as other romanian student organization across the US, to broaden the Romanian community.

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Two huge ramadan events about to unfold in Sacramento. Please don’t miss out!

Data: Miercuri, Februarie 19, 2003
Unde: Greek Orthodox Church
614 Alhambra Blvd, Sacramento
Ora: 7:00 PM
Cost: $30 adult - $15 copiii

Data: Miercuri, Aprilie 16, 2003
Unde: Greek Orthodox Church
614 Alhambra Blvd, Sacramento
Ora: 7:00 PM
Cost: $30 adult - $15 copiii

Members of AROSA:

Student leaders:

Name E-mail Phone Department
Anca Sevcenco (530) 792-1087 Linguistics
Catarina Melica (209) 996-7306 Int’l Relations
Cornel Stanciu (530) 792-1087 Chemical Engineering
Cristian Valcu (530) 757-9291 Econ/Political Sci.
Cristian Vidu (530) 792-1087 Chemical Engineering
Gabriela Lee (530)848-3088 Biomedical Engineer
Katica Got Shields Lib.
Lia Stanciu (530) 792-1087 Chemical Engineering
Prof: Maria Manoliu (530) 752-6442 Linguistics: French
Marian Negoita (530) 750-3693 Sociology
Traian Iosif (530) 753-9043 UCD Staff
Sorin Ilie Med School Staff
Stefan Ehling (530) 758-4948 Food Science
Ruxandra Vidu Chemical Engineering
Vlad Stasuc (530) 758-4948 Human Development
John Hotea English
Magdalena Dumitras Humanities
Cora Micsulescu (530) 753-6627 Int’l Relations
Adriana Borz (916) 208-2314 Bio Sci
Samuel Tet
Anca Neacsu Medicine
Christina Lucaciu (916) 863-5018 Bio Sci
Opry Popa (530) 752-3053 Shields Library
Cristina Roman Bio-Med Engineering
Serban Porumbescu CTR Image Process
Marius Enachescu Physics
Ciprian Catana (530) 792-1096 Bio-Med Engineering
Simona Popescu Nurse/Med
Mihail Cucu Computer Engineer
Dorin Popa (916) 428-4412 Psychology
Suciu Nick 530-754-5920 Student Housing